In JWoop we believe in the formation and maintaining of communities as a central part of open source development. We actively collaborate and contribute to different development communities, and have done so over the years, gaining a great foresight of how they receive new ideas, participants, and how they grow.

We have successfully predicted several growth sparks and shifts on open source communities, either from the nature of the participation, the innovation of their technological commitment, or the level of adoption of key participants. We have used this knowledge to drive communities into better stages. We’ve also helped companies identify the community that relates the most to their necessities, and enter the communities of their interest with the right foot.

We’ve also helped reduce the rotation of personnel on several companies through a adopting the right technologies, based on the community growth prediction. Through identifying early in their growth the possibility that a technology will be highly used in the near future, companies can train people in this new frameworks, generating both a desire to stay on employees and a competitive edge for companies, while we aid to supply the market with capable workers for the new technological demands.

If you’re interested in our participation in open source communities, feel free to contact us.