Our Team

Senior Consultant in JEE Softare Architecture

usrSystems Engineer from UADE (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa).
Specialist in open source technologies, BPM and Rule frameworks development. Commiter on several communities
Participant of several BPM related publications, including jBPM6 Developer Guide
Bilingual (English and spanish)

  • 10 years of experience in design and development of web based Java applciations
  • 3 years of experience as corporate trainer for several methodologies and Java frameworks
  • Leadership experience, both handling teams and providing guidance
  • Vast JEE Architectural experience in corporate environments
  • LinkedIn: https://ar.linkedin.com/in/marianodemaio/es

Senior Consultant in BPM and SOA

usrGraduated as Systems Engineer from UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires).
Specialist in Business processes, of different industries like banks, retail, healthcare and goverment.
Specialist in web marketing, e-commerce development and strategical marketing plans.
Speciallist in Biometrics applied to multiple business units.
Vast experience as implementor of BPM middleware on the following platforms: